Evguenii Ponomarev : paintre-illustrateur Of Russian origin, Evguenii Ponomarev, born in 1976, he was trained in art Fine Arts Mineralnye Vodi (Russia), then learning the printing work obtained a professional baccalaureate.

After his military service in Russia, Ponomarev joins the Foreign Legion, and with his talent, becoming an illustrator in 2003 with the team "Kepi Blanc Magazine", the official organ of the Legion. He is also chosen by Hachette Editions to illustrate the booklet with a collection of figurines of the Legion which appears monthly for over two years. Evguenii Ponomarev practices watercolor with verve and undeniable efficiency and paints amazing oil paintings. In the military, his technique is highly admired at how he can transcribe all the details of uniforms and attitudes of the characters represented with accuracy and realism. Attitudes and expressions of the men are glaring truth and transcribe the reality of life on the ground with all the tension and take risks they entail. These real documentary studies, evoke the same bold and dangerous military life in the illustrations, which mark the adventures and missions in legions of different countries where they operate. He has done paintings commemorating the feats of arms and historical importance that the Foreign Legion was engaged. For example, the work entitled "Dien Bien Phu," which is on display at the Museum of the Foreign Legion in Aubagne. Evguenii Ponomarev's work is used to portray awareness of the midst of the army to a wider audience.The prize "Universe of the Arts" as official painter of the Army was awarded to him in June 2007 in the prestigious setting of the Hotel des Invalides.

Patrice de la Perrière
Magazine « Univers des Arts», 2007